7 Ways to Beat the Heat Playing Golf in Panama City Beach, FL.

Whether you’re visiting Panama City Beach on vacation, or you live here year-round, you still want your round of golf to be the best.


With over 300 days of sunshine each year, the chances are pretty good that you’ll be playing in some pretty warm weather while you’re here.


So take a look at these local’s tips on how you can get the most out of your game. Beat the heat, and gain the advantage over your competition! 🙂


1. Stay Hydrated

stay hydratedWe’ll start with the obvious, and most important. If you think missing an easy putt, or losing a few balls is embarrassing, try having to call of a game because you’re dehydrated.


Don’t be that guy, just sip on plenty of cool water while you play. Try to avoid ice cold water, which will take longer to absorb, and make you need to take a “gentleman’s break” more frequently.


Sports drinks with electrolytes are also ok, but avoid any sodas. The carbonation, sugar, and salt (yes, many contain salt) will only make you more thirsty.


And while we don’t want to sound like your mom here, you should certainly not drink alcohol during your game.Although hydration will be the least of your worries if you can see two greens, and you don’t know which one to aim for!


2. Use (& Re-apply) Sunblock

use sunblockYou’re in Florida, so be sensible. It might not even feel extremely hot, but you’ll want to avoid the direct sun as much as possible.


You’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed while you play, and be able to play longer.


But, this is the sunshine state, and you can run, but you can’t hide…


So sunblock is your friend here! Remember to reapply every 6 holes or so.Chances are you’ll be sweating, and the sunblock can be rubbed off or absorb into your skin making it less effective.


Pro Tip: The higher the SPF the better.


3. Eat Light

eat lightIt’s important that when you play, you have something on your stomach.


In fact, Signal Hill has an awesome Snack Bar, where everything is made fresh to order that’s perfect for this.


But the last thing you want to do is play a round after an all you can eat prime rib buffet the night before.


You’ll feel miserable, uncomfortable, and completely distracted from your game.





4. Wear a Hat

wear a hatJust another way to protect you from the sun.


Take it from a Floridian, sunburn anywhere is painful, but it’s especially bad directly on top of your head.


You’ll get headaches for days afterwards, have trouble sleeping, and it’s so easy to avoid.


Hats are effective at protecting you from sunburn, but by providing that little extra shade, they will also help keep you energized for longer, helping you shave valuable strokes off your game!




5. Take a Break in the Clubhouse after the First 9 Holes

take a breakYou rush around enough in every single other area of your life.


Rush to work, rush home, rush to drop the kids off, rush to pick the kids up and on, and on.


Your golf game should be the one place you get to take your time, and go at your own pace.


The Pro Shop / Clubhouse / Snack Bar is the perfect way to get refreshed, and re-energized so the back 9 feel as good as the front 9.




6. Wear Light Colored Clothing

light clothesLight colored clothes will naturally reflect more of the sunlight, and keep the heat away from your body.


Dark clothes have the opposite affect, drawing the heat into you, and holding onto it.


Think about it, when was the last time you saw somebody playing in Florida, wearing lots of black?






7. Ride Don’t Walk

golf cartSure, walking can be one of the most enjoyable parts of a game, but if you know it’s going to be an especially hot day, then why not take it easy and rent a cart.


They are cheap, reliable, and might just help keep you fresher for each stroke.