After enjoying 18 holes of excellence at Signal Hill Golf Course, you might be ready to relax in the sun without needing to worry about your score.


Ready for five fun activities for you and your family?


Adventures at Sea has got them ready for you!



Boat Cruises

When you’re reading to sit back and let someone else take over, consider a boat cruise at Adventures at Sea.


Whether you want to travel out to Shell Island or just relax in the sun, let them take care of the work as they show you the sights around the emerald green waters of Panama City Beach.




If you want an adventurous deep sea fishing trip with some great photos to show your friends, they can oblige.


If you want a more sedate inshore fishing trip, they know all the best spots as well.


Their captains can also help you clean your catch and point you to the best restaurants in town to cook fresh caught fish, or give you tips on cooking it yourself.




Walking the courses at Signal Hill, you see some of the most beautiful landscapes in coastal Florida.


For a different, but equally amazing view, you need to get below the surface of that gorgeous green water.


You’ll see beautiful wildlife, amazing underwater formations, and enjoy some of the best snorkeling in the United States.


Ask them to take you to the best spots they know.



Dolphin Tours

You don’t have to be young to love seeing dolphins in their natural habitat – you just have to be young at heart.


They know all the places where dolphins love to play and feed, and get you close so you can see how amazing they are in real life.





When you’re ready to take a break after a trip through the golf course, give Adventures at Sea a call.


No matter what you have planned for your downtime, they’ll make it easier on your schedule.


Call today, or book online!