Panama City Beach is well known for its beautiful sugar-white beaches.


But what’s a visit to the beach without enjoying the tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico? Aquatic Adventures is your one-stop location for all things wet and wild.


Aquatic Adventures has been making Panama City Beach vacations memorable for decades.


With watersports for every level of thrill seeker, individual or group activity, they’re sure to have something to fit your vacation budget.


Want a bird’s eye view of the emerald green waters of St. Andrew’s Bay and the spectacular beauty of Panama City Beach’s coastline, all while experiencing a heart-pounding thrill ride?




Why not give parasailing a try? Taking off from the back of one of our parasailing boats equipped with hydraulic winches, you are eased into the air, lifting high into the Florida sky.


Hold on as you sail smoothly under the canopy of a colorful parachute, enjoying the miles of picturesque scenery in every direction.


From the waverunners and banana boats skipping over the waves to the people relaxing on the beach to the abundant wildlife like coastal birds, bottlenose dolphins and sea turtles—you’ll love experiencing Panama City Beach from this perspective.




If you’d like something that cools you off, while getting her heart racing, we’ve got Waverunners to rent. Their Waverunners hold two people so they’re great for individuals, groups or parents with children.


If you’ve never driven a Waverunner or other personal watercraft, there’s nothing to worry about, they’ll show you the basics before you get on the water.



Pontoon Boats

Looking for a group activity? Consider renting a sail or pontoon boat. Imagine being the captain of your own adventure and setting your own agenda.


Enjoy the wind in your hair and the splash of water as you and your family or friends make your way to Shell Island.


Anchor your boat and enjoy a leisurely snorkel; float peacefully among a pod of wild bottlenose dolphins and laugh at their playful antics; or find a secluded cove and break out the picnic basket and relax in your own private paradise—whatever adventure fits your mood—it’s waiting for you.




Tired of the fast pace and want to slow down for awhile? They’ve got GUSU “softy” paddleboards that are designed for better buoyancy and stability.


With a quick lesson on stance and technique, you’ll be paddling one of their boards out through the waves like a pro.


The boards can hold the weight of a passenger or load it down with gear for a fun water adventure.


Paddleboards are great for a relaxing family experience or an afternoon workout.



Aquatic Adventures

Panama City Beach also has some of the best fishing in Florida. If your idea of a great day on the water involves a rod, reel, and the perfect fishing spot, Aquatic Adventures can help you out.


With near shore and deep sea fishing trips available, you can choose to fill your cooler with the day’s limit of table fare or head out in search of that trophy fish. They provide all the gear and licenses, all you have to bring is the sunscreen and sense of adventure!


So look to Aquatic Adventures in Panama City Beach to fulfill your watersports needs.


Conveniently located at the Lighthouse Marina on Laguna Drive, you can stop by and check out their reasonable rates and flexible schedule.


Or download the Aquatic Adventures App for locations and lots of discounts If you’d rather book before you arrive, check out their website: and book your excursion online.