There’s more to being a good golfer than just a low handicap.


Polite golf etiquette is a big part of what makes the game enjoyable.


So whether you’re playing a round of golf in Panama City Beach, FL, or anywhere else in the World; these quick reminders can help improve your social game!


Playing With a Beginner

First of all, we were all beginners once, and no matter how low your handicap is, there’s somebody out there who plays better / more consistently than you.


It can actually be genuinely satisfying playing a round with a beginner, and helping them to learn more about the game.


So long as you start the game expecting it to take a little longer than normal, and to have to explain a few basics and etiquette rules along the way, it can be fun for everybody.




Playing With Your Spouse

Always be complimentary, and sincere.


Thats it.


Nobody needs to fall out over a friendly game of golf with their spouse.


If you tend to argue or fall out over little things, and you’re both very competitive; maybe play cards instead 🙂




Checking Your Cell Phone

Don;t be the guy that looks like his teenage kids at the dinner table; barely looking up from your cellphone the entire time.


Sure, there are some genuine situations where it’s important to keep an eye on your phone, from personal to work matters.


But for the most part, the best way to be respectful to those your playing with, is to silence it, or leave it back at the clubhouse altogether.


Still, if you take your phone with you, and simply must reply to an email, wait until between holes to do it.


And if you have to take / make a phone call, step away to somewhere you can’t be heard, so you won’t disturb other golfers.




Not Being Annoying

Common sense should always be a good guide here, but sometimes we can all use reminders, especially if we are very friendly and familiar with the people we play with.


A small, but sincere compliment on a good shot is always a good thing, while bad shots can simply be ignored or consoled in an equally subtle way.


The biggest tip we’d give, is to not offer any tips!


Unless you’re asked for advice, don’t feel the need to offer it up, rather than coming across as helpful and well intentioned, it is most likely going to be received as a criticism.


Don’t whine about your own mistakes or bad shots. Sure, they are your shots, but not only will that negativity bring your game down as you play it puts a downer on the entire game. After all, you’re playing golf to have a good time, and to get away from any negativity aren’t you?



Letting Others Play Through

There’s a few situations where this is appropriate; you’re playing with beginners, you’re not in any great hurry, or you get a sense that the people behind you might be getting frustrated.


All you need to do is mark your balls, step aside, and signal to the group behind that they can play the hole.


There’s no reason that another group can’t play the hole before you finish, and it helps everybody enjoy their game more, since they aren’t waiting impatiently, and you don’t feel rushed and pressured on each stroke.



Play “Ready Golf”

Ready Golf is a simple concept where you play your shot in the order you are ready.


So provided you aren’t in anybody else’s way, and you’re the first one ready to play, take your shot.


This goes against the typical rule, to play whoever is farthest from the tee first, but if you are short on time, this is a great way to speed things up.


It should be agreed upon before you begin, that you want to play ready golf. That way there are no hurt feelings, or misunderstandings if you play “out of turn”.