We’d like to start off by making one thing perfectly clear; every day of the week is a great day to play a round of Golf in Panama City Beach! 🙂


Just like visiting Panama City Beach, FL for your vacation, there’s no bad time of the year…


But you can get cheaper Hotels and Condos during certain times of the year, and enjoy less crowded beaches.


Fall is the perfect example of that.




The same concept applies to enjoying a round of golf.


Some days of the week come with some little extra perks that makes the whole round more enjoyable and fun!


So what are the best days of the week to play golf in Panama City Beach?


Friday, Saturday, Sunday.




Here’s why…

If you are flexible about when you can get away and enjoy a round, then you’ll grow to love playing during these three days.


With many tourists leaving town and wrapping up their vacation over the weekend, enjoying a round of golf is lower down on their list of priorities.


Also, many vacationers typically try to make the very most of their last few days on the beach by just laying out in the sand.


So a quieter course means you can play at your own pace. Without worrying too much about anybody behind you, and people behind them…


It also means that you won’t have to wait around too long when you arrive.


You can park the truck, grab a cart, and be teeing off within 5 minutes of getting here.


More play time + less stress = the best days of the week to play.



Extra Benefits

The real benefit to wrapping up a round faster than typical, is that you could even enjoy another short round of 9 holes for less!


So if you typically play during the week, and don’t typically get away during the weekend, just try it once…


We’re pretty confident that you’ll enjoy your round so much that you’ll start to play on weekends more often.


Let’s face it, more time on the greens is no bad thing 🙂


Also, with a pro shop and a snack bar located right here, you’ve got everything you need – so there’s no need to worry. You’ve covered!



Find Out More

See our current greens fees here: http://www.signalhillgolfcourse.com/panama-city-beach/greens-fees.html


If you have any questions for us, ask us here: http://www.signalhillgolfcourse.com/panama-city-beach/contact-us.html