There are just some things that you must do while you are in certain vacation destinations.


You wouldn’t visit Paris without seeing the Eifel Tower, Las Vegas without visiting a casino, or Washington DC without stopping by the White House.


Well, Panama City Beach is no exception.


While there may not be as many cultural landmarks of historical significance, that’s OK, because that’s not why you chose to visit the home of “the World’s most beautiful beaches.”


Here is our list of Five Must Do Things in Panama City Beach for Families…



Watch a Sunset on the Beach

sunsetsFirst of all, let us stress the “on the beach” part.


Not from your hotel balcony, or while you’re walking around Pier Park.


There’s something more magical about truly experiencing a sunset, with your toes in the sand, and the sound of the waves crashing against the beach.


It’s a great time to reflect on what’s important, bring the family closer together, or just get some spectacular photos to make everyone back home jealous! 🙂



Swim With Dolphins

dolphinsThis is close the Eifel Tower / Las Vegas examples above.


One of the most memorable things you can possibly experience in Panama City Beach, would be to swim with dolphins.


It’s one of those bucket-list items tat you’ve always wanted to try, and everybody who finally does is glad they did.



Try Local Seafood

seafoodBeing so close to the Gulf of Mexico, you’d be right to expect some fantastic seafood restaurants along the beach.


We’re not going to suggest any specific places; they all have the same access to fresh fish that was literally swimming the same day, so your budget (and maybe online reviews) can dictate which particular restaurant you pick.


But, please don’t leave without having tried at least a grouper sandwich!


The restaurants in Panama City Beach know how to make the seafood shine, and the only downside is not being able to find it this good when you get back home! 🙂



Play a Round of Golf

panama city beach golfOk, so golf might not be everybody’s top hobby – but you’d be amazed at how many families come and play 9 holes, and enjoy it so much that they come back the very next day to play a full 18!


You can rent all the golf clubs and golf carts from us, and our holes are designed so they are fun and challenging, not impossible and frustrating like other golf courses in Panama City Beach.


Try something unexpected and different, and take your vacation to Panama City Beach to a new level with us! 🙂