There aren’t many places on the map that can compete with Florida for perfect playing conditions during Winter.

We aren’t ruling out some of the incredible golf resorts such as the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, in Maui, Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa, in the Maldives, or Apes Hill Club, in Barbados.

But, if you’re like most of us, and money IS a factor, then Panama City Beach, FL might be a better option.


Lowest Greens Fees

Green fees in Florida are very reasonable year-round when compared with some of the main golf hot-spots in other states.


This fact doesn’t change during the winter season, where the fees to play on Florida courses typically maintain an edge over others.


Low greens fees aside, certain golf courses stand out when it comes to the value you get for what you pay, such as Signal Hill Golf Course, in Panama City Beach, FL.


Offering a great location, just steps away from Panama City Beach’s famous white sand, in a vacation destination that receives recognition and awards from travel authorities year after year.



Less Crowded Courses

With Panama City Beach, FL being a tourist destination, the number of visitors changes along with the varying demands of each season.


So expect spring and summer seasons to be very busy, and Fall and Winter to be much quieter.


This is perfect for golfing, as you’ll be able to complete a round much faster with hardly any waiting, and maybe even take advantage of really low replay prices.


Faster games mean you can get more golfing in, or use that time to relax and enjoy your vacation. It’s a win-win.



Lowest Hotel Rates

If you’re  vacationing, they you’ll also get to take advantage of the lowest accommodation rates all year too.


When there’s less demand (which there is during the Winter) there’s also more availability.


This lets you stay in a larger private suite, or condo / beach house for what you’d expect to pay for a smaller hotel room during the summer.


So you’re not only paying less for your accommodation and your greens fees, but you’re also playing during one of the most comfortable and beautiful times of the year.



Beautiful Sunsets

Panama City Beach is home to 27 miles of soft, sugar-white sandy beaches. So unusual, it has earned the name of the World’s most beautiful beaches.


This stretch of beach is the perfect place to catch the spectacular sunsets that Panama City Beach has during the Winter.


This might not help your game at all but we don’t know anybody who doesn’t appreciate a stunning sunset!


Besides, you can always use this as leverage if you’re trying to persuade your spouse that it’s a good excuse to take a last-minute beach vacation 😉



Start planning your Winter getaway to Panama City Beach, Florida… We’re dying to say we told you so 🙂