Panama City Beach attractions have been wowing visitors to our Gulf Coast destination for generations.


These exciting things to do offer families a break from spending each day at the beach, as well as offering entertainment later in the evenings.


Many of these attractions have been well loved for years, so it’s not every day such an exciting brand new attraction establishes itself in Panama City Beach, Florida.


We’re talking about the XD Darkride Experience, located in Pier Park.




What is the XD Darkride Experience?


xd darkride pier park screenIt’s hard not to get too excited about, but it’s pretty much unlike anything you’ve experienced before… Well, outside of a family vacation to Disney or Universal Studios.


Imagine your very own 3D IMAX move theater, with state of the art sound and curved screen, only with just 16 seats.


But those seats aren’t regular cinema seats, they are special motion seats, which move shake and rumble during the movie on-screen.


Now add in extra multi sensory things you don’t get in a regular cinema, like wind and strobe lights.


Finally, imagine the movie isn’t just a passive viewing experience but it’s also an interactive story, where you actually get to shoot at enemies on the screen while it tracks your accuracy and score, compared to everybody else!




Interactive Movie / Video Game / Thrill Ride


zombiesYes, it’s difficult to place this in just one category, because it really fits neatly into all three.


This makes it unlike anything else you can do in Panama City Beach, Florida!


You can currently chose from three different movies (or games) to experience, but there are already plans to add more.


The movies vary from the most kid-friendly “Los Banditos” where you shoot robot bandits in the Wild West, to the more gory and adult “Zombies”.




Who Is It Good For?


ridersThe wow factor this experience packs is hard to ignore.


The quality and experience is just like you’d expect from the rides and attractions at Universal Orlando.


That alone makes it a fun experience for pretty much all ages.


However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that any little gamers you have in your group, from pre-teens to teenagers would LOVE this.


While mom & dad might be happy to try the experience once, it’s easy to see the kids wanting to ride all three times and playing through the different adventures!




Additional Information


los banditosThe rides last around 5 minutes each, but with the brief training you get to begin, and checking the daily scoreboard in the lobby when you’ve finished, you could say each ride lasts closer to 10 minutes.


There is only one height restriction, and that is 40″ or taller. This is make sure riders are securely fastened into the motion seats when they are operating.


Finally, because of the movements and flashing lights, this might not be the best experience for anybody prone to epilepsy or seizures etc.


The XD Darkride experience is the perfect thing to do especially if you’re looking for something to do when it’s raining.


It’s also ideal if you want to get some shopping in at Pier Park without hearing the kids complain about being bored! 🙂


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